Postcards reveal just how much Bordon and Whitehill have changed

Tuesday 10th May 2022 6:00 am

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Two more Bordon old postcard images from Paul Rollinson this week illustrating just how much Bordon and Whitehill have changed since these images were taken soon after the Army had arrived.

The view titled The Camp was, I suspect, was taken from around the top of Chalet Hill looking towards the fire station crossroads.

The second card shows the embryo of what I think became the Longmoor Military Railway heading off through the trees at Whitehill into Woolmer Forest.

Could these tracks be the ones on which the wooden huts that had originally formed Longmoor Camp were moved to Bordon, when the Longmoor location was found to be causing illness among the troops stationed there thought to be because of the damp conditions?

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