ALTON College launched its junior maths challenge last month, as part of a growing programme of initiatives designed to stretch more able students.

Teams of year eight and year nine pupils from Eggar’s and Amery Hill School worked with A-Level college students to compete in this exciting new activity which comprised a series of tasks, including cross numbers, a shuttle, and a relay round.

The challenge was collaborative with two pupils from each school on each team supported by an A-Level maths student from Alton College.

Building on the college maths department’s already extensive range of challenges and competitions available to school and college students, the success of the junior maths challenge means that it will become an annual fixture in the college calendar.

Dr David Lynch, curriculum manager for maths at Alton College (left) and Alton College assistant principal Jon Myers (right) are pictured with junior maths challenge contestants Archie Harrison and Woody Angell, from Eggar’s School, (left) and Grace Heath and Mack Wellfare, from Amery Hill School in Alton.