A STAFF member at Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has been recognised at a national award ceremony.

The Chief Allied Health Professions Officers Awards highlight the outstanding contribution made to improving health, care and well-being for patients and communities.

Picking up the award for quality improvement, Marc Berry, a programme manager for the transformation team at Hampshire Hospitals, has been recognised for his work with the therapy teams at Basingstoke Hospital, reducing the number of avoidable admissions in the emergency department.

The project looked at reducing avoidable admissions in patients over 65 years old in the emergency department and Basingstoke Hospital through a more effective use of therapy staff to identify patients who may not need to be admitted into hospital.

Elderly patients who remain as inpatients in hospital for prolonged periods of time are at risk of losing up to five per cent of their muscle strength per day. Making these admission decisions at the front door in the emergency department with the help of medical and therapy services mean that patients are in the best place for them, which often may be at home.

The reduction in admissions not only has a positive impact on patient experience but also ensures that beds remain available for those with a greater need to receive hospital care.

Mr Berry said: “It’s a huge honour to have won and to represent Hampshire Hospitals nationally. Even though I won, this award is for the acute therapy team at Basingstoke who have worked so hard and passionately to test and try new ways of working and make positive changes.

“This initiative has really brought the whole team together and empowered staff to have a say in how their services work.”

Mr Berry is one of the members of staff involved in Hampshire Hospitals’ quality improvement programme, which works to continually improve the efficiency and quality of care provided to patients.

Donna Green, chief nurse of Hampshire Hospitals, which runs hospitals in Andover, Basingstoke and Winchester, said: “Huge congratulations to Marc and the whole team behind the award for their win. I am so proud of all of the work our staff do to continually ensure they are providing the best possible patient care.”