PEOPLE living a quiet corner of Bordon face a race against time to find new rented accommodation after getting a bombshell from the MOD.

The MOD’s property arm has exercised his right to give civilians who rent their ex-military properties around Bolley Avenue just two months’ notice to leave.

Affected residents say they haven’t been given a reason with speculation rife over what the housing could be used for. There have been unfounded rumours that refugees could move in, but a sell-off seems more likely given the housing development around the nearby sports club.

The decision has left reeling tenants facing a scramble to find alternative housing with many reporting a dearth of similarly sized and priced properties in Bordon.

Those affected include a single mother of three children and 74-year-old author and historian, Coryne Hall, and her husband, who both suffer from health problems.

The pair said the mid-March notice came “out of the blue” and are appealing as they have paid the rent on their four-bedroom home in advance until August, with May 22 being the day they must otherwise leave.

The properties are leased out by the MOD’s property arm, the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) with contracts stipulating that civilians can be given just two months’ notice to vacate.

Mrs Hall claimed she and her neighbours are “up in arms” about the move while others have decried the DIO’s property agents for a lack of support in finding new homes. The Herald approached the MOD for a comment on Tuesday, but a response hadn’t been provided at the time of writing.