THE WHEELS are turning on plans to resurface Petersfield High Street with work expected to start in March.

A Hampshire Highways engineer confirmed to traders last Friday that much of the High Street and Chapel Street will be stripped and resurfaced over a week.

Engineers hope to minimise the disruption by carrying out the work from 8pm to 6am over a seven-day period.

The work does not include the remainder of The Square as that’s part of a greater placemaking project that’s been years in the making.

Graham Sapsed told the Petersfield Traders Association last Friday that Hampshire Highways would “make some noise” ahead of work to make as many people aware as possible.

But it’s a small price to pay for a vastly improved road, with mayor Cllr JC Crissey and Michelle Bicknell of Hectors both thanking Mr Sapsed for the development.

“I think it’s really positive that something’s being done – it’s brilliant,” said Michelle, who recently took over as chairman of the association.

Shoppers expecting a like for like replacement will be disappointed, as the current surface will be replaced with traditional black tarmac from blockwork around the war memorial to a point close to Bakery Lane on Chapel Street.

The lighter patches along the High Street won’t return as Hampshire Highways have all but stopped using coloured tarmac because of its “horrendous” cost.

Traders heard a tonne of black tarmac costs £101, while it’s an additional £120 per tonne for red tarmac, while it’s also less durable.

New road markings will be put down at the High Street, Chapel Street and Swan Street junction to show priority.

The crossing can be a blackspot for pedestrians as many motorists do not indicate when turning off the High Street onto Swan Street as there’s no markings between Nationwide and Oxfam opposite.