Nearly a fifth of the 98 crimes reported around Bordon in February took place in and around its two main shopping centres according to new data.

The Shed, Forest Centre and Heathcote Road were the town’s most “crime-ridden” areas during the month according to data with 19 offences being recorded in total.

Anti-social behaviour accounted for half of the ten reports at The Shed with other crimes, burglary and public order offences also being reported.

Five of the nine incidents around Heathcote Road and the Forest Centre involved violence or sexual offences, with shoplifting, public order and “other crimes” completing the list.

The most commonly reported crime around the town involved violence or sexual offences (27) followed by vehicle crime (17), anti-social behaviour (14), criminal damage (13) and burglary (10).

Three of the ten burglaries recorded took place around Chalet Hill while School Road and Kingfisher Close were also hotspots with four and three separate crimes being reported, respectively, during the month.

There was also a spate of vehicle crime around Whitehill during the month with three incidents being reported apiece on The Links and Forest Road.

A total of 69 crimes were recorded during the month in the Longmoor Rural patch which includes Whitehill and Headley with the majority of offences taking place around Liphook.

Stand-out areas in Headley include Church Fields, with three crimes, and Larch Road with drugs, public order and violent or sexual offences among the five reported incidents during the month.