St Mary's Primary School in Chiddingfold is the second school in the whole of Surrey to become an accredited Heritage School.

The award was given after a remarkable history week run by history leader Aga Ryer that took the pupils around the historical local area. 

Students practised reading Chiddingfold maps (some as old as 1880) and planned a walk. They explored important buildings and places in Chiddingfold, the Village archives, the Crown, Ramster Hall and Gardens, Jack Salway’s magical garden, Pied Piper Theatre, Cordelia’s artistic cottage and St Mary’s Church, which allowed students to delve into the village's rich history.

Headteacher Sheila Buckley said: “I have never known the whole school to be so invested in a week-long event. It was a remarkable experience, one that exemplifies the unity of our wonderful community.”

Haidee Thomas, museum engagement officer at Surrey Museums Partnership, said: “St Mary’s school captures the heart and soul of this initiative, giving every child quality experience of their local history and heritage – with their community.

"Our partners at Historic England were only too happy to grant them Heritage Schools status.”