A street artist has made his mark by claiming a “bear” wall in Petersfield town centre.

This cuddly creation by Hendog has got plenty of people talking since appearing on November 2 on the corner of Chapel Street and Hobbs Lane.

“I think it’s really creative and at least it’s not some random spray, some thought has gone into it,” said Old Drum barman Ted Jessop.

“I don’t really mind it,” said Lewis White from The Petersfield Cobbler, adding: “It’s a pretty good piece of artwork, but it’s on the side of someone’s shop, mind you.”

While some have decried the “Public Intoxication” piece as graffiti, some are thrilled Hendog has paid Petersfield a visit and hope the piece isn’t removed.

The artist’s work has drawn plenty of admirers as similar examples have popped up in Winchester, Chichester, Dover, Guildford and street art capital Bristol in recent months.