FOUNDED by two friends sitting around a fire pit while sinking a few beers - The Big Meat is a festival themed around barbecue cooking, live music and craft beer.

Returning this bank holiday weekend (August 25 to 26) at Pierrepont Farm off The Reeds Road, Frensham, grill seekers and food lovers alike are encouraged to swing by this fair of flavour.

The celebration of all things barbecue will dish up plenty of mouthwatering meals to tuck into, as well as a cooking competition where the ‘steaks’ are high.

The contest will consist of four core rounds: chicken thighs, pork, pork ribs and beef brisket, with veggie and desserts rounds to be added this year. Afterwards, attendees will be able to sample the products of these barbecue battles and impart their own critiques. Adult tickets start at £12.50. For more information visit