PUBLISHING consultant Lisa von Fircks came third out of the four contenders when she appeared on Mastermind on January 3.

Lisa, of Alresford, chose The Life and Works of Pam Ayres as her specialised subject, scoring eight points on the poet, and added ten more in the general knowledge round to finish with a total of 18.

In fourth place, restaurant supervisor Charlie Bonham answered questions on Spanish footballer Fernando Torres, netting seven points. She managed five on general knowledge to end up with 12.

In second place, company director Bryan Dunlop was consistent, accumulating 11 points in each round to set a target of 22. He showed his expertise on The Gurkhas.

But nobody could compete with community safety officer Anthony Fish. He correctly answered all 14 questions on Alfred Hitchcock films of the 1950s, and 16 on general knowledge, to win the heat with what host Clive Myrie described as a “colossal” total of 30.