Holybourne's Treloar College has retained its ‘outstanding’ rating following a recent inspection by Ofsted.

The independent specialist college provides education for young people aged 16 to 24 years with complex physical and sensory disabilities and, in many cases, learning difficulties and/or disabilities.

Ofsted praised the leaders at Treloar for developing their vision over time and making improvements based on the feedback from former students.

The report also noted the leaders have ensured students benefit from “seamless integrated therapies and care so they can access their education consistently without interruption”.

Staff “expertly use technology, integrated therapies and physical resources to enable all students to communicate and keep physically healthy”. As a result, all students “engage with activities enthusiastically, make swift progress, and develop a strong understanding of how their needs can be met in the future”.

The report added: “Staff plan the curriculum thoughtfully. They are ambitious for students, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to develop independence, self-advocacy and skills that will enable them to live full and purposeful adult lives.”

And “all staff use assessment exceptionally well. They assess students’ skills, knowledge, needs, aspirations and interests prior to joining the college and use this to plan their programmes”.

Most teachers and support staff at Treloar are “highly effective in working collaboratively to ensure that students make swift progress”. But the report noted in a very small minority of sessions, teachers’ explanations of tasks were not clear.

Treloar College provides four educational pathways: sensory and interactive, skills for independence and life, vocational and employability, and access to academic and vocational qualifications through the subcontracted provision at Havant and South Downs College in nearby Alton.