The long-awaited Lidl supermarket on Mill Lane, Alton, has finally opened its doors to the public.

The deputy mayor of Alton, Cllr Annette Eyre, and pupils from Anstey Junior School were granted a tour behind the scenes before the new store opened its doors at 8am on Thursday, February 22..

After shelves were fully stocked and pastries baked overnight, customers were met at the door with complimentary flowers, bakery items and a chance to win prizes from a spin wheel.

As well as being offered exclusive deals such as a Silvercrest’s espresso machine for £39.99, its crêpe maker for £12.99 and its three-in-one sandwich toaster for £9.99.

It also coincides with Lidl’s ‘Greek Week’ with a limited selection of Hellenic goodies also on sale, including moussaka, octopus tentacles, ouzo and baklava.

Cllr Eyre said “I’m so happy Lidl is open, it is lovely for the community. They (Lidl) will do a community program. It’s exciting to see all the fresh produce that is local or from this country.”