Woolmer Hill was packed with students, teachers and the odd parent who had dared venture inside, all watching nervously as the big brown envelopes containing this year's GCSE results were opened.

Ellie Grant could hardly stop shaking as she opened her results, but was delighted by what she received. With five 9s, three 8s and two 7s, she has a lot to celebrate.

"It is quite scary opening my results but it is great to be with my friends and have everyone wishing you well," said Ellie. "I am super excited. I plan to study Geography, Music and Biology A Levels at Godalming."

GCSE grade boundaries have risen this year as examiners attempt to bring results back in-line with pre-pandemic levels. But Woolmer Hill students rose to this challenge, with the hall full of happy students sharing their success.

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Jesper Rosvall, Charlie Cowan, Emil Shearing, Harry Baldwin, Joseph Lightman and George Fawler

Clare Talbot, headteacher at Woolmer Hill School, explained that the students faced significant disruption in Year 8 and 9 because of the pandemic, but when they started Year 10 and their GCSE's they didn't let that stop them.

"Everyone has moved forward and worked really hard," said Clare. "I am so proud of everything these students have accomplished."

"This is the first year that GCSE grade boundaries have returned to pre-Covid levels, and despite this our students have excelled once again in their public examinations. We are delighted that the hard work and commitment of our students has paid off. We would also like to thank our staff for their hard work and dedication and also our parents for their support of the school and their children.

"We are incredibly proud of everything that our students have achieved and wish them all well as they move onto the next phase in their education. Well done Year 11!"

Despite many students being unable to wait to open their results, several kept their envelopes closed preferring to open them at home with their parents, with others choosing to wait for the results to be sent by email.

The top performer of the school Josie, with 9s across the board decided to receive her results via email.

Eddie Phillips bravely opened his results on camera and said he was really pleased with them. Off camera, teacher Ellena Watson came over to congratulate him.

Woolmer Hill School GCSE
Ethen Steyn (Georgia Hase)

She said: "I am really proud of him, he achieved two grades higher than he was expecting for a fantastic result."

Eddie's English grade was not the only success story of the day. Affan Khan's 7 and 8 in English Literature and Language is making him question whether he should continue studying English at A-level.

Whatever the grades, it seems like Reading Festival will be where the students are celebrating tonight, with many parents discussing how to get there as they left the school.