A proclamation will be read in towns across Surrey and Hampshire on Sunday announcing that the Queen has died and King Charles III has acceded the throne.

Residents of Farnham, Alton, Haslemere and other local towns are invited to attend the momentous occasion, the first such proclamation for more than 70 years.

A proclamation will also be read in Petersfield, but only at a private event held at the East Hampshire District Council offices.

See below for details of local events.

The Ascension Proclamation of the Privy Council is a tradition dating back hundreds of years.

At midday on Sunday, it will be read aloud at Edinburgh Castle, Cardiff Castle and Hillsborough Castle in Belfast, following on from Saturday’s televised proclamation at St James’s Palace and the Royal Exchange in London.

Lord Lieutenants, mayors, town criers and other civic dignitaries will then read the proclamation at public events in towns and cities across the nation throughout Sunday afternoon.

It is customary for councils to hold their local proclamation the day after the Royal Proclamation in London.

Residents can expect to see Union flags raised to full mast for proclamation events. Flags will then be lowered again for the duration of the period of national mourning.

Books of condolence are also available for members of the public to sign in churches and public buildings across the area. Flowers are also being laid in many public spaces. Check local council websites for more details.

Roads will be closed at some proclamation events, with details of local events (where confirmed) included below:


The Mayor of Farnham, Councillor Alan Earwaker, will read the proclamation outside the council office in South Street on Sunday, September 11 at 3.35pm.

“Everybody is welcome to attend this momentous occasion,” confirmed a council spokesman. For more information about events to commemorate the life of Queen Elizabeth II and the ascension of the new king in Farnham, see here.


Everybody is welcome to attend the reading of the proclamation by Alton’s deputy mayor, Councillor Susie Burns, at 4.15pm on Sunday, September 11 at The Cairn outside the Assembly Rooms in High Street.


In Haslemere the proclamation will be read by the town mayor, Councillor Jacquie Keen, at 4pm on Sunday, September 11 on the Memorial Green in the High Street. All residents are invited to attend this historic event.


The proclamation will be read in Petersfield, but only in a private event at East Hampshire District Council’s offices, not open to the public.

A spokesman for Petersfield Town Council said the town clerk and town mayor have reached a consensus that “EHDC, as the principal authority and as they are based in the parish, are more likely to make the local proclamation – which is likely to be at their offices at Penns Place on Sunday at 1pm.”

EHDC has since confirmed the local proclamation will not be a public event, but will be videoed for the council website and social media channels.