An interior stylist has revealed how to incorporate this spring’s trends into your home. 

Spring is often associated with refreshing your space, and this year, UK Google searches for ‘interior trends’ have risen by 20 per cent since the last quarter. 

Victoria Foster, interior stylist at ScS, has shared her thoughts on what trends are set to be big in spring 2024 and how you can easily recreate them at home.

Muted Pastels

spring trends
Muted pastel colours are expected to be popular this spring. (ScS)

“The popularity of neutral colour palettes is nothing new, with whites and creams, tans and natural wood tones being a staple of Pinterest mood boards and interior influencer’s Instagram feeds for some time now. #NeutralHome has a cool 1.1m mentions on Instagram and we’re forecasting a ‘don’t fix what isn’t broken’ approach to this subdued interior trend as we head into spring. 

“What is new however is that we will see more muted versions of a broader spectrum of colours. Think soft greens, blush pinks, and Cotswold blues. These colours won’t disrupt the overall neutral aesthetic of a room, but will merely add more breadth of tones and brightness to draw the eye and act as more subtle focal points without shouting for attention. 

“This trend is perfect for indecisive decorators that don’t want to commit to a colour scheme in a bold way, or for those habitual renters who need furniture to work hard and adapt to new spaces as they take pieces with them from home to home. 

“The resulting aesthetic is sanctuary-like, a calming and relaxing environment that promotes positive mental wellbeing through minimal design - extending to minimal use of colour that doesn’t overwhelm the senses.”

Nature Fusion

spring trends
Introduce nature motifs into your home to stay on trend. (@_bethathome)

"As we enter into spring, nature-inspired design is set to weave its way into the fabric of interior design, quite literally. This trend takes inspiration from natural landscapes, incorporating earthy tones, botanical motifs, and textured materials to create a harmonious and calming environment. Think of it as an ode to spring - blossoming within the confines of your home, the perfect way to forget the winter blues. 

“The colour palette revolves around mossy greens, warm browns, and soothing blues, evoking the essence of forests, mountains, and oceans. Furniture with organic patterns and textures, such as rattan and reclaimed wood, will be in high demand. 

“In terms of decor, expect to see indoor plants, landscape inspired artwork, and natural fibres like jute and hemp. 'Nature Fusion' aims to create a sanctuary that connects people with the calming influence of the great outdoors, giving a sense of wellbeing and tranquillity. Try using plants of various sizes and incorporate the colour green in other areas of your décor - from wall décor and artwork to furniture and accessories.”

Revived Maximalism 

spring trends
Oversized furniture and jewel tones can provide a sense of opulence. (ScS)

"Maximalism is here to stay as we head into the warmer months with a focus on ‘bigger is better’. The interior design landscape is set to be dominated by what we’re calling the 'Oversized Opulence' trend, a celebration of larger-than-life furniture pieces. This trend boldly challenges the conventional norms of scale, encouraging homeowners to go big and make a statement with their furniture choices.

“The colour palette for 'Oversized Opulence' leans towards rich, jewel tones—think deep emerald greens, regal purples, and luxurious burgundies. These bold hues, combined with sumptuous textures, create an atmosphere of extravagance and sophistication. The oversized furniture pieces become focal points, commanding attention and exuding a sense of opulence.

“Furniture in this trend is characterised by generous proportions—plush, oversized corner sofas, grand dining tables, and statement-making light fittings. The aim is to create a sense of luxury and comfort on a grand scale. Beyond size, attention to detail is a key feature, with intricate embellishments, tufted upholstery, and metallic accents adding an extra layer of sophistication."

Orange is the new beige 

spring trends
Shades of orange can add warmth and depth to a room. (@at.home.with.the.marchants)

"As we head into a brighter and more optimistic spring we can expect to see warming orange tones dominate the interiors scene - think of this trend as an evolution of the neutrals and beige of the past few years, just with a more grown-up feel. 

"Shades of orange add warmth and depth to a room, providing the same calm and cosy feeling we crave from an all-beige colour scheme, with a touch more life and personality. The trend can be achieved by incorporating cosy peach shades like Pantone's Peach Fuzz, a classic 70's inspired retro orange or through classic, rich tones of terracotta. These base tones pair beautifully with the soft glow of warm lighting and accents of orange-toned glass. 

"Orange and green are complementary colours due to their positioning on the colour wheel, so consider pairing your orange hues with luscious house plants and earthy coloured furniture to create the perfect cosy oasis."

Textures and Curved Edges

spring trends
Curved edges contribute to a softer aesthetic. (@making_a_home)

“This trend involves the use of fabric textures that are visibly soft, and the layering of these fabrics to create comfy, cosy escapes. The rounded shapes we’re seeing come through in not only furniture, but interior design in general, lend themselves well to this soft aesthetic. A rounded edge is much softer on the eye than a sharp, angular corner.

“Pebble shapes, scalloping and wavy lines have been rising in popularity over the last few years with the rounding off of sharp corners presenting itself particularly strong in sofa and seating shapes. As we head into spring 2024 we’ll see this trend manifest itself in other areas of the home; think curved, sculptural coffee tables, scalloped cushions and wavy lamp stems. 

“This softening of all visible lines creates a more inviting seating aesthetic, communicating comfort through the eye rather than through touch.”  

Thoughtful Tablescaping

spring trends
Tablescaping can add detail and personality to your space. (@foreverhome_no1)

“Springtime is often associated with Easter and Eid also falls at this time of year in 2024. This time of year families tend to gather around and tuck into a hearty meal, catching up around the dining table. The lighter nights provide the perfect opportunity to dust off your hosting skills and dig your finest tableware out of the cupboard. With the cost of dining out becoming increasingly inaccessible to many UK families as prices rise, we predict a strong rise in having guests over instead this Spring. 

“To ensure the occasion is still special, table-scaping allows you to add those finishing touches which can bring bags of personality and love to the occasion. Try to utilise what you already have by relocating candle sticks from elsewhere in your home to the table, add your best water and wine glasses to each place setting and position flowers down the centre.

“Tablescaping is typically characterised by a lavish tablecloth and individual fabric napkins. These can usually be bought for an affordable price and can be used time and time again - just make sure to wash them after each use and store away carefully.”