After nearly three months, one of the biggest exercises in the near history of Hampshire County Council is coming to a close.

We don’t need to remind our readers of the scale of the £132 million cuts outlined in the Future Services Consultation ( and what it could mean for East Hampshire residents.

There’s the potential loss of subsidised bus services for starters, like the 23 from Bordon to Haslemere and the 38 through Greatham. Fewer library services, the scrapping of school crossing patrols and a reduction in homelessness services.

And that’s before we’ve mentioned the possible closure of the Petersfield and Bordon tips, with close to 4,000 signing a petition to keep the latter open in under a fortnight.

East Hampshire District Council leader, Richard Millard, and his deputy, Cllr Andy Tree, have both expressed their concerns about the scale of the cuts in a EHDC statement.

They believe the cuts – especially those on social services - will result in weaker voluntary and community sectors, will damage communities, and will lead to more people relying on expensive social care. They also fear that EHDC will bear the brunt of tip closures, most likely through a feared rise in fly-tipping.

Cllr Millard said: “Their loss could also increase the risk of fly-tipping around the district which would not only bring with it the associated pollution and mess it creates, but also the financial burden of clearance and disposal, making it another long-term burden on the taxpayer.”

Cllr Tree said: “We are very worried about how these potential HCC cuts could affect our residents and we are committed to trying to limit the impact it has on this district.”

“I urge all East Hampshire residents to respond to the consultation to ensure our voice is heard.”

The full statement can be read at