THE Whitehill and Bordon Twinning Association is happy to report that the “entente” is still very much “cordiale” with its French counterparts despite Brexit.

There is still two years to go before any changes need to be made to passports and the possibility of having to obtain visas to travel to Europe.

After 35 years of friendly twinning with the French town of Conde Sur Vire, in Normandy, association secretary Carol Dann said the Twinning Association had no worries about any effect Brexit might have on future exchange visits.

“We might experience some hiccups over passports or visas but that won’t stop us doing our exchange visits and keeping the warm friendship we have with Conde,” she told the Bordon Herald. “Politics don’t seem to enter into it. People in Conde don’t think we have betrayed them by voting ‘out’. The only thing for us is it might cost more travelling to France, but we will always receive a warm welcome and lots of new hosts coming forward.”

The twinning exchange visits were still very popular, she added. “We had our last one in May, when we welcomed our friends from Conde and everyone had a fantastic time (pictured),” she said. “Hopefully, we will be visiting them next year but we could do with a few more members.

“We are having a social evening at Whitehill Village Hall on Friday, October 14, and anyone who would like to join us should come along and see what fun twinning can be.”

Prime Minister Theresa May has said that the Government will not trigger Article 50 - which will begin the formal two-year process of leaving the EU - before the end of this year.