FERNHURST Luncheon Club has celebrated its 25th anniversary.

The twice-monthly lunch club held a special anniversary lunch in the village hall to celebrate.

Six of the original helpers – Marjorie Heaton, Matt and Mavis Welland, Penny Self, Christine Maynard and Sheelagh Underwood – were guests at the lunch.

One of the former cooks, Judith Bristow, was also invited.

In total, 58 people enjoyed the lunch. After the dessert, coffee and mints, Anne Pennington recorded her thanks to all the founder members.

A presentation of a bouquet of flowers, a thank-you card and a gift in an envelope were made to Marjorie, who was retiring. She was thanked for all she had done over the past 25 years, and she said how much she had enjoyed it.

A bouquet of flowers was presented to Susie Walker, who played music from the 1960s on the piano during lunch.

The cutting of the commemorative cake – which was made by Louise James of Cakes by Louise James – was performed by Mavis.

To round off the celebrations, every guest was given a commemorative book mark.

The club is looking for more helpers and members. Anyone who is interested should call membership secretary Irene Headland on 01428 643378.