Bramshott & Liphook residents will have an opportunity to view, ask questions and give feedback on the latest Bramshott & Liphook Neighbourhood Development Plan (B&L NDP), at public consultation events to be held on March 22 and 25 at the Liphook Millennium Centre.

Why do we need a Neighbourhood Development Plan?

The B&L NDP has been prepared on behalf of the parish council by the B&L NDP steering group, comprising volunteers from the community and local councillors and chaired by Louise Bevan.

Louise said: “The B&L NDP is an opportunity for us all to have a say on what is important to us about where we live and to shape a vision for the future of the parish. 

“It is about ensuring we have the right housing to meet the needs of local people but is so much more, including safeguarding the environment and history and heritage of the parish and achieving a range of facilities such as for sport and recreation.  

“Without an NDP we risk housing developments that will not meet strict design guidelines or meet local needs such as size and affordability.”

From the beginning, the B&L NDP has been guided by the need to engage as widely as possible with the local community to ensure the plan and policies reflect the views of the parish.

The steering group worked during 2022 to engage with residents and local businesses and held regular open evenings. 

The B&L NDP will form part of East Hampshire District Council and the South Downs National Park Authority’s local plans, and discussions have taken place on each the topic areas covered by the plan. 

What is included in an NDP?

At the drop-in events, residents can view and comment on the vision and planning policies:   

  • Vision to 2040;
  • Neighbourhood design and sustainability;
  • Environment and green spaces;
  • Transport and movement;
  • Meeting local housing needs including affordability;
  • Site assessments;
  • Local economy and employment;
  • Accessible community facilities;
  • Infrastructure . 

What are the main challenges and issues facing the parish? 

We recognise there are significant challenges associated with traffic congestion in Liphook Square, the lack of affordable housing and unmet infrastructure needs. There are limits to what can be achieved by the B&L NDP.  

However, an NDP can give greater control to the community in guiding future development. 

Have your say on the future of your parish.

We are always looking for volunteers to join the B&L NDP steering group. If you feel passionate about your local community, then get involved!

Find out more at or on the parish council Facebook page at