An ambitious project to breathe new life into once-neglected pond at a beauty spot in Bordon has been completed.

If you go into the woods today at Deadwater Valley Nature Reserve you’ll find Knox’s Pond looking its finest for years thanks to a £136,500 restoration.

A phased project to improve access and biodiversity began more than a year ago with silt being removed to improve water conditions for pond life.

Surrounding trees were felled to generate more light and encourage ground flora, with discarded timber being used to create shelter for hibernating species.

Recent work has centred on improving access as stone paths around the pond have been resurfaced. Its existing boardwalks and dipping platforms have been rebuilt while some “leaky dams” have been created to prevent future build-up of silt.

Developer contributions funded the project with the Deadwater Valley Trust submitting bids totalling £136,500 to East Hampshire District Council with the support of Whitehill Town Council.

Grant Dawkins, DVT trustee, said: “Knox’s Pond is one of the highlights of the Deadwater Valley Nature Reserve but over time both the pond and its immediate environs have deteriorated.

“The DVT is immensely grateful for EHDC’s financial support for this project and also to the contractor, Morton Patterson, for completing the entire works to time and budget.”

Cllr Linda Delve, chair of the WTC greenspaces sub-committee, said: “Knox’s Pond is now an asset for the local area and a lovely nature spot to be treasured and enjoyed by the community.”